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Thank you for the wonderful information and support regarding your wonderful product the organic sulfur.
I have now been on it  for around 2 months -  it was not brain tumours it was brain aneurysms and 2 are now fixed, still have 1 more.
So I am waiting as it shows signs of healing as well, I am taking doses of /Vitamin C,.
So much has changed since I have started taking the O.S.
My asthma seems to be gone as I am not needing the inhaler and my lungs are clear.
I have had a bad back for years and it has given me no problem in the past few weeks, and my skin is also showing signs of clearing up.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I go back for more tests in June and hopefully will get the all clear.

Henry had already started on the Stabilised Oxygen two weeks ago.  I had a bottle at home. 
I swear by this SE of Oxygen - had dangerously high lipase levels (360) for 4 years.  Lipase measures pancreas enzymes and despite taking Del Immune, Cantron, Rochways Wheatgrass B C juice for 24 months, the lipase reading remained high.
But just 6 weeks after taking SE of Oxy the levels dropped from 360 down to 12.  I was so shocked that I phoned QML to check if there was a  typo error.  My mother died from pancreatic cancer and the fear was always there.
Henry is seeing a rationaiton oncologist today at the inissitence of his surgeon.  Henry is resolute i abstaining from readiation so we are dreading the oppositon for this person today.
Ivy Enkera